Primary cell lines

In order to develop new and clinically relevant research models for renal cell carcinomas (RCCs), tumor specimens from RCC patients were shipped to EPO overnight. Single cell suspensions were prepared and incubated according to EPO’s specific procedures. A panel of 43 primary cell lines has been developed during the course the project. The majority was shipped to project partner NMI (Dr. Schmees) to produce personalized shRNA libraries.

Primary cell lines listed below are available to the scientific community via PREDICT partner EPO for research purposes. For request of cryopreserved primary cells listed below please contact:

Dr. Jens Hoffmann
Experimental Pharmacology & Oncology GmbH
Robert-Rössle-Str. 10
13125 Berlin, Germany
Email: jens.hoffmann[at]

Cell lines:
005/A1 9693-Ren *
9748-Ren 10115-Ren
10125-Ren 10304-Ren
10407-Ren 10604-Ren
10649-Ren 10650-Ren
10675-Ren 10768-Ren *
10784-Ren 10796-Ren
10829-Ren 10830-Ren *
10850-Ren 10916-Ren
10920-Ren 10948-Ren
10949-Ren 10988-Ren
11073-Ren 11075-Ren
11096-Ren 11122A-Ren
11122F-Ren * 11145A-Ren
11145G-Ren 11152-Ren
11175C-Ren * 11175J-Ren *
11253-Ren * 11285D-Ren
11285H-Ren 11324B-Ren
11324F-Ren 11325A-Ren
11346-Ren 11538A-Ren
11538D-Ren 11807-Ren

* = corresponding PDX available

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