RCC cell lines stably transduced with personalised shRNA libraries
In order to specifically target RNA expressed in individual RCC patients, a proprietary procedure for the enzymatic generation of transcriptome-based shRNA libraries developed at NMI has been applied within the PREDICT project. Following this protocol a set of 11 immortalized renal cell carcinoma (RCC) cell lines (RCC4, 786-0 A498, 769P, A704, Caki1, Caki2, TK10, UMRC2, UMRC3 and UO31) as well as primary cell lines derived from tumor tissue of 12 RCC patients were stably transduced with patient-derived shRNA (pshRNA) libraries within the course of the project. These pshRNA libraries were produced directly from tumor tissue of the very patients of which the cell lines have been generated. The procedure of pshRNA library generation encompassed the isolation of RNA from tumor tissue followed by the generation of double-stranded cDNA and its enzymatic restriction digest. Fragments of 21nt were linked with adaptor and hairpin sequences, amplified and normalized to finally generate a library of pshRNAs reflecting the transcriptome of the individual RCC cell line and patient, respectively. Each individual pshRNA library was then lentivirally bulk transduced into the very RCC tumor cells from which the library was generated.
pshRNA library transduced cell lines listed below are available to the scientific community via PREDICT partner NMI (see below for contact information) for screening purposes upon signing of a MTA restricting the use to academic research purposes.

For request of pshRNA library transduced cell lines listed below please contact:
Christian Schmees, PhD
Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI) at the University of T├╝bingen
Tumor Biology
Markwiesenstra├če 55
72770 Reutlingen, Germany

Cell line name (type)
A498_pshRNA Immortalised
A704_pshRNA Immortalised
Caki1_pshRNA Immortalised
Caki2_pshRNA Immortalised
RCC4_pshRNA Immortalised
TK10_pshRNA Immortalised
UMRC2_pshRNA Immortalised
UMRC3_pshRNA Immortalised
UO31_pshRNA Immortalised
769P_pshRNA Immortalised
786-0_pshRNA Immortalised
Ren-10920_pshRNA Primary, patient-derived
Ren-10948_pshRNA Primary, patient-derived
Ren-10949_pshRNA Primary, patient-derived
Ren-11073_pshRNA Primary, patient-derived
Ren-11096_pshRNA Primary, patient-derived
004/1_pshRNA Primary, patient-derived
004/2_pshRNA Primary, patient-derived
005/2A_pshRNA Primary, patient-derived
005/2C_pshRNA Primary, patient-derived

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